This is Our Collection


As a Family we have been into Graham Paige cars since our first purchase in 1970. since then we have managed to amass a small collection of 1928 and 1929 Graham Paiges. Our specialty is the Model 610 with two of these on the road. A fully restored Australian bodied tourer and a "survivor" sedan. but we also have a model 612 sedan we are restoring and have recently aquired a model 615 pheaton as a future project. click on the pictures below to see more details of each these cars


Alison is a 1928 Model 610 Sedan survivor car. We resuced her after the 2014 GOCI rally in Adelaide. She is a "survivor" car. All we did is return her to original spec were some part had been replace with non original

snow2The Mistress

The Mistress as she is known is our most well known car. She is an Australian Bodied Model 610 Tourer. That was fully restored by my father in the 1970s

snow1bOur Latest aquisition

We have just aquired this. Its a 1929 Model 615 Pheaton requiring full restoration, but it is all there so its a good start.

snow1aThe Madam

The Madam is out 1929 Model 612 Sedan. We started the restoration for this in 2000. We are still going. kind of.....

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