Our Model 610 Sedan

Alison is a 1928 Graham Paige Model 610 Sedan, with a fully imported body. As far as we know the body has never left the chassis of this car. it is a "survivor" car of sorts. it isnt a true survivor car as it has been repainted some time in its past. The history as far as we can determine is as follows.

The car as sold new to a family in the barrossa valley. It was used extensivly up until at least WWII, maybe even after. it was then put away in a shed and left up unltil the late 60s. It was discovered by a deal and disinterned and carefully recommisioned. It took part in the 1970 national rally in Adelaide, this was the first time that the "Graham fraternity" saw this car. during the 70s it was used a numerous events including the bay to birdwood run, and other local events. during this time the engine got a freshen up and the body got some new paint in the original colors. Also during this time it was sold to a Tony Alison in outback south Australia. He continued to use the car on events throughout the 1980s incuding the 1988 bicentenial rally in Canberra. It is still wearing the sticker from the rally. That was also attended by "The Mistress" and the first time I saw this car. The car contuned attending local events and was eventually sold in the 1990s to the employer of a friend and fellow Graham Paige owner. The car was used sparingly, last seen at the 2000 GOCI southern cross region rally in the barrossa valley.

In November 2013 I was apoached by the friend saying his boss was looking at selling the car, along with another 612 restoration project. at the time we couldnt afford the price being asked.In 2014 the GOCI rally was again in Adelaide and we attended with "The Mistress", quite disasterously as it happened, but whilst we were there we went to have a look at it. Famous last words, "lets have a look, it cant hurt". We were taken out the back of a smash repair shop and in there shed there was a lump under a number of blankets. When they removed the blankets, there she stood, on blocks, looking the same as she looked back in 1988. We on the trip home dad and I discussed her and were we would put it etc, and by the time we got home a plan had been hatched. After some negotiation a figure was agreed that was mutually acceptable and the process started.

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Well after we finally got her into our garage the real work started.

First it was the brakes. As it had been sitting so long all the rubbers had perished and none of the hydraulics worked. We stripped them all back . The good news was the brake cylinders had previously been resolved in stainless steel, so were fine, so it was just new rubbers. We had them on the shelf. The master cylinder was a little more challenging. .After rebuilding it, it leaked back between the cylinder and the sleeve. So off to the shelf to find a rebuildable core, and start again. While the master cylinder was out we took the chance to check the brake pedal. the 1928s have a weakspot at the bottom of the brake pedal and sure enough this one had failed. so it got welded up.

After brakes its onto electrics. Started by hitting the self for a second taillight and bracket. Lucky we had some spares, then we replaces the nasty 70s toggle switch for a proper ignition key. Then replace a second nasty 70s toggle switch with a nice chrome indicator switch. then a kill switch for safety and a new period style 6V battery.

Onto the modified fuel system. We removed the large brass carby that was fitted, it originally came from a Massey Ferguson tractor. and replaced it with the propper Tilitson. Then removed a massive electric fuel pump from under the running board, this thing looked like it came from a truck. The fuel pump was replaced with a mechanical one, that looks similar but is a Standard Triumph one with a manual primer. This is what we have done with tourer as well.

Then off to the test, she failed the first test on tyres and shackle pins. These were simple fixes and she was registered the week before christmas. Ready to take us to family christmas

Her first oficial outing was a local run to Lyllidale Lake with the Vintage Drivers Club

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We then took her to the Australia day display

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She was used as part of a photoshoot with my daughter

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She was also used for my daughters Primary School Graduation

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